Improving Office Organization

Staying clutter free isn’t easy for everyone. Some people claim they work better in a chaotic working space but in doing so, are subjecting themselves to missing paper work, accidental coffee spills, mix ups and misplaced items. Overall, keeping your working area clean and clear will help you in staying productive and stress free. You’ll know exactly where you put that report, have a place for your mug and never have to trifle through drawers for the hundredth pen that has disappeared, seemingly out of thin air.

There are methods though. Not only in the ways of staying organized but also in creating an environment designed for you to thrive in. Something that feels unique to your personality and caters to all of your needs. After all, this is the place you spend most of your time, you wan’t it to be welcoming and easy to navigate.

Take Notes

First off, you’ll want to take a step back and look at the area you have to work with. Is it small, drafty or crowded? Perhaps a bit of all three? Assess the situation and make note of the things that are driving you up the wall. If you’re able to, investing in a desk and office chairs that are made for long hours spent in them, will provide relief to your aching back. Sitting in something that works with the body, instead of against it, is the best thing you can do for yourself and your office vibe.

Rearranging The Space

Over time, people naturally end up accumulating garbage. I’m not sure why that is but it’s definitely a pattern I’ve noticed around the office. Get rid of it and make sure, if you don’t already, to have a trash bin close by. Try creating a space on a shelf for weekly paper work or daily projects and only keep items on your desk that are essential to your tasks. Tips like these will surely get you started on the right path.

Get Creative

Another issue that people run into is space and having limited amounts. However, this doesn’t have to be a problem. Think creatively by seeing how you can use the area the most efficiently. Maybe spend time doing some DIY crafts, like installing shower bars on the walls for hanging items, or using toilet paper rolls as pen holders. Making use of furniture with wheels (or adding them yourself) will allow you to change your office whenever you see fit. The options are truly unlimited!

Staying Organized

After you’ve assessed the area and cleaned out the trash the next task to conquer is grouping all like items together. Keep papers with papers, dividing them into appropriate categories and all pens and markers in an accessible spot. The next and more complicated job, is trifling through and backing up your computer. Make sure that if something happens, you can revert back to a saved file. This will keep your mind at ease, knowing that no matter what happens, all that hard work is still available somewhere safe. Staying a day ahead of the mess is one of many office organizing tricks.

Lastly, make this place yours. Put your personality on the walls, in the furniture, even in the paint if you’re allowed. Putting together a place that you find comfortable will keep you feeling your best as well as productive. Balancing the energy of your work area is just as important as keeping it organized.